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The Future of Play2Earn Gaming 

🕹️Console - 16🕹️
  The world's first crypto-based video game console! Original vintage games with P2E! Launching soon on the Binance Smart Chain! 

Console 16 takes the TurboGrafx-16 (PC Engine in Japan) and mixes in a modern play2earn mechanic!  

Fully licensed classic console! We have obtained the rights to port over 60 titles already! 5 will be available at launch, with an additional game added each week in the form of an NFT! 

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Pre-sale information will be coming soon!

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Doxxed Devs

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Larry Tungsten
Chief Executive Officer

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Max Goldman
Legal Advisor

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Tammy Sanchez
Chief Marketing Officer

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Phase 1

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For the pre-sale and launching phase, the pre-sale will commence on (DATE) with a soft cap of 100bnb and a hard cap 500bnb, it will go on for a total of three days or until the hard cap is hit. The launch will happen approximately six hours after pre-sale is finalized. On launch, we will have a total of ten games available as our play-to-earn titles.


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Phase 2

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After the launch of the project, our team plans to consistently add at least 5 games into our play-to-earn list each quarter and we may even let the investors vote on the games that they want us to acquire. In addition, we also plan to set up an NFT marketplace where investors can buy the games’ NFTs from us and even trade the NFTs with one another.

We also plan to get listed on CG and CMC as soon as possible, which should happen within 3 days of the launch if everything goes well.

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Phase 3

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We plan to make online multiplayer of some of the games available in the near future so that people can enjoy these classics together. Other than that, we also intend to bring in the bigger titles from various video game powerhouses which we have sources that can help us get in touch and perhaps even set up a deal, but that would only be possible if we get to a respectable size.